“Deep cut country DJ’s will recognize James Meyer’s “Gypsy Moth” as a cover of troubled, talented, troubadour Hoyt Axton‘s original. You don’t need to know nothin’ about that to dig this naturalistic tune, that remains timely and touching with sincerity and shamefaced love. Meyer does it justice doing it just as Axton intended, alone with acoustic guitar.”


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Colorado w/ B R Lively

Lively launched his career as a teenager in Dallas, Texas, cutting his teeth with a string of club gigs in Deep Ellum. He headed east after graduation, settling in Athens, GA, to attend college and broaden his horizons. Several years later, Into the Blue finds him returning (briefly) to central Texas, where he recorded the album's 11 songs alongside producer Gordy Quist (the frontman of Texas' own Band of the Heathens), longtime friend Thomas Avery (who wrote the album's lush string arrangements), and Band of Heathens members Scott Davis and Richard Millsap. The most electric, nuanced project of his career, Into the Blue turns Lively's experiences — both at home and on the road — into what he calls a "sonic journey of spirit."

Lively lives on the road, traveling the country, to share what is his most pure, heartfelt creation to date. He attempts, through his music and lifestyle, to connect not with our surface selves, but with our often silenced and forgotten souls.

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Tennessee w/ Jack Studer

Jack is a songwriter and guitar player based in Nashville, he’s been making waves around the States with the West King String Band, originally of Saint Augustine, FL now relocated to Nashville, TN. Inspired by a large array of musical genres spanning from rock n' roll & classic country to traditional & modern bluegrass, he incorporates their influences to create an original, unique and diverse sound. He will be accompanying Jeremy on the road this fall on the Telecaster.

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